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What are dental prostheses?

Dental prosthesis - ImplantDental prosthesis - Implant placed

We could say that a dental prosthesis is an "artificial tooth", which serves to replace the teeth that a person has lost or needs to replace.

There are several types of prostheses: fixed, removable, partial or complete.

With it the person will recover functionality, not only dentition, but also chewing, swallowing food and helps to avoid pronunciation problems. Without forgetting the aesthetics.

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Benefits of Dentures

Improved aesthetics

Restore a smile and harmony to your face

Recovery of masticatory function

Allows better cutting, chewing and swallowing of the food

Improved diction

The loss of dental pieces impairs pronunciation.

Prevents dental problems

Prevents displacement and wear of other teeth

Increases confidence and self-esteem

You will gain security and comfort. Smile to life

How is a dental prosthesis made?

At Clinica Dr. Jimenez Lozano & Cols. our specialists in dental prosthesis in Seville will make a thorough clinical diagnosis of your situation to solve the aesthetic and functional problems you may have.

Subsequently, by means of CAD-CAM, the prosthesis will be designed and manufactured by computer, using digital milling and the most appropriate top quality materials in each case.

In the case of implantology we always use the original Straumann attachments (intermediate pieces between the implant and the prosthesis).

Blocks for restoration of dental prostheses

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