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Recover your smile with the best professional medical team in Seville.

At Clinica Dr. Jimenez Lozano & Cols. we will give you back your best smile, respecting the physiognomy and harmony of your face.

For this, our dental specialists will make a thorough diagnosis, as well as planning and applying the most appropriate treatment to solve the aesthetic and functional problems you may have.

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Orthodontic treatments in Seville

Imperceptive Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment for children


Aesthetic orthodontics

Porcelain or sapphire clear brackets


Orthodontics with self-ligating brackets

Orthodontics without ligatures


Invisible orthodontics

Orthodontics with removable clear splints


Invisible orthodontics in Seville

With invisible orthodontics with Invisaling, you will recover your smile without others noticing that you are wearing them. Because withInvisaling aligners your treatment will go unnoticed.

Plus, the convenience of being able to remove it easily for eating, drinking or whenever necessary. Easy to clean. And without having to go to the emergency room for broken wires.

In the Dental Clinic Dr. Jimenez Lozano apply the best treatments and therefore only work with the best brands.

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Invisaling Invisalign invisible orthodontics in Seville

Orthodontics with Self-Ligating Brackets

Orthodontics Self-Ligating Brackets in Seville

One of the most modern orthodontic treatments is Self-Ligating Braces, which is based on the use of brackets and a high quality steel wire that the bracket itself traps by means of a small tab.

The union between the brackets allows the teeth to move faster, being less uncomfortable than traditional brackets. In addition, Self-Ligating Brackets are individually designed for each patient because each patient has different needs.

What are the advantages of self-ligating orthodontics?

Shorter treatment time

Thanks to the treatment with self-ligating brackets, the treatment time is considerably reduced due to faster movements of the dental pieces.

Less friction

Self-ligating brackets produce less friction than traditional brackets. As a result, possible discomfort and pain are reduced.


Self-ligating brackets retain less food debris and make cleaning very easy, because the teeth are much more accessible, allowing better hygiene, which will help prevent tooth decay.


There are models of self-ligating brackets that are transparent and made of a material that prevents them from being stained by different beverages and foods.

It also avoids the extraction of dental pieces in most of the treatments.


Self-Ligating Orthodontics allows check-ups to be more spaced out, every 6 to 8 weeks, and they are also more comfortable and shorter.

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